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A B O U T  U S

Firecracker Entertainment provides a welcoming space for artists and creatives of all industries to collaborate, explore, and expand their art while encouraging a reshaping industry norms. We pride ourselves in being  a full-service media house covering not only on-screen content but ranging from music production to publishing to immersive theatre experiences. Firecracker Ent. is currently bicoastal and finds its home base in Forks, Washington. 


A B O U T  S A M A N T H A  R O S E  B A L D W I N

Actress Samantha Rose Baldwin hails from upstate New York State and is best known for her work on HBO Max's Gossip Girl and Netflix’s Cobra Kai. Since making her HBO debut in 2022, Baldwin stars in and co-produced the Summoned Audiobook and will take on the same lead role as well as step into the full position of producer for the Summoned Book Trailer, a short film based on the novel, which is slated to begin production under Firecracker Ent. in 2023. 

A B O U T  M . B .  T H U R M A N

Independent author M.B. Thurman has been building the world of Summoned since publishing the first book in the series in December 2020. Thurman's initial effort in creating an immersive Summoned world was the Summoned Audiobook, where she's making her directorial debut. Under Firecracker Ent., Thurman is set to publish her second novel, Crossed, in early 2023.

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